Registration Closed

The day starts with registration, then opening ceremony and a short keynote speech from a Math, Science or Engineering professional:

Students attend 3 different workshops (below are some samples):

Citrius Fruit Battery — Students made a battery using oranges and lemons to power a small LCD display.
Citrius Fruit Battery

Computer Repair and Networking — During this hands-on workshop girls had the opportunity to learn about the internal hardware of a computer. They dismantled a working computer, identified and discussed the internal components, and rebuilt the system.
Cmputer Repair

Computer Repair

Lego Mindstorms — Girls discovered the many robots that we use every day. They built, programmed, and ran a real LEGO™ robot, then participated in a robot war!
Lego Mindstorms

Lego Mindstorms

Ubiquitous Electronics — Students built a small electronic toy using soldering equipment.

Fun with Science — An interactive hands-on presentation demonstrating basic principles of science.

Half of the students will attend a career fair:
Career Fair

While the other half has lunch (and then you switch):
Lunch Time

Turn in your evaluation at the Closing Ceremony for a chance to win a prize.